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Case Dealer Inventory Reduction Auction

Location: 201 E. Miami St.
Hiawatha, KS
Wednesday December 11th, 2013 at 10am
Tractors, Planters & Drills, Tillage Equipment, Skid Steers, Hay Equipment, Combines, Corn Heads & Platforms, Grain Hauling Equipment, Sprayers, Cutters
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For questions regarding equipment Please Call Marysville, KS, 785-562-5304 OR
Hiawatha, KS, 785-742-2261

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Case IH Dealer Inventory Reduction Auction, Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 10:00AM, Hiawatha, Kansas, Tractors, Planters & Drills, Tillage Equipment, Skid Steers, Hay Equipment, Combines, Corn Heads & Platforms, Grain Handling Equipment, Sprayers, Cutters



2011 Case IH MX290, 900hrs, serZBRD04823,
          CAH, 3pt, Dual PTO, 4SCV, MFWD, PS,
          Front Duals, 480/80R46 Rear Duals
2011 Case IH MX315, 610hrs, serZBRD04707,
          CAH, 3pt, Dual PTO, 4SCV, MFWD, PS,
          Front Duals, 480/80R50 Rear Duals
2010 Case IH Maxxum 115 w/Case IH LX750
          Loader, 205hrs, serZ9BE11533, MFWD,
          CAH, Partial PS, Dual PTO, 3pt, 2SCV,
          16.9X38 Tires
2010 Case IH MX245, 375hrs, serZARZ03828,
          CAH, PS, MFWD, 3pt, Dual PTO, 4SCV,
          480/80R46 Duals
2009 Case IH MX 190, 796hrs, serZ9RH05186,
          CAH, 3pt, 18.4X46 Duals, 4 SCV, Dual PTO,
          PS, MFWD
2008 Case IH STX435, 1664hrs, serZ8F112481,
          Quad Trac, 1000 PTO, 4SCV, PS
2006 Case IH MX 215, 2587hrs, serZ6RZ02813,
          CAH, 3pt, 520/85R46 Duals, Dual PTO, PS,
          MFWD, 3SCV
2005 Case IH MX 230, 1638hrs, serJAZ136880,
          CAH, 3pt, 1000 PTO, 3SCV, MFWD, PS,
          520/85R46 Duals
2005 Case IH MX285, 2489hrs, serJAZ134583, PS,
          CAH, 5SCV, Dual PTO, 3pt, Front Duals,
          18.4x46 Rear Duals
2003 Case IH DX25, 581hrs, ser4000940, MFWD,
          Hydro, 540 PTO, 3pt
2002 Case IH MX100 w/Miller Loader, 6283hrs,
          serJJA0117325, MFWD, Grapple, PS,
          3SCV, Dual PTO, 3pt, CAH
2000 Case IH MX240, 5428hrs, serJJA0097851,
          CAH, PS, MFWD, Front Duals, 3SCV,
          1000 PTO, 480/80R46 Duals
1999 Case IH MX270, 6819hrs, serJJA0098520,
          CAH, 3pt, 1000 PTO, 4SCV, MFWD, PS,
          18.4R46 Duals
1998 Case IH 8950, 4269hrs, serJJA0092343, PS,
          CAH, 3SCV, 1000 PTO, MFWD,
          New 18.4x46 Duals
1994 Case IH 5240 w/GB 660 Loader, 8115hrs,
          serJJF1035355, CAH, PS, 3SCV, Dual PTO,
1992 Case IH 5140 w/Case IH 510 Loader,
          10000hrs, serJJF1016248, CAH, MFWD,
          3SCV, 3pt, Grapple, Dual PTO
1990 Case IH 7140, 10,686hrs, serJJA0026133,
          PS, CAH, 3pt, 3SCV, Dual PTO, MFWD,
          20.8x42 Duals
1982 Case 2090, 10,000hrs, ser3992371, CAH,
          3SCV, Dual PTO, 18.4X42Tires
1982 Case 2390, 6488hrs, ser9905416, PS, CAH,
          2SCV, 1000 PTO, 3pt, 18.4X38 Duals
1980 Case 2290 w/GB Loader, 5020hrs,
          ser9906341, PS, CAH, 2SCV, Dual PTO,
          3pt, 18.4X38 Duals
1969 IH 656, 7581hrs, serUO41945, 3pt, 2SCV,
2010 NH T6020 w/KMW1660 Loader, 1868hrs,
          serZABF04518, MFWD, CAH, Power Quad,
          3pt, 2SCV, Dual PTO, 18.4x34
2005 NH TG255, 1873hrs, serJAW136015, MFWD,
          CAH, 1000 PTO, 3pt, 4SCV,
          480/80R46 Duals
2002 NH TV140 w/NH 84LB Loader, 388hrs,
          serRVS019237, Bi Directional, 7SCV,
          w/Flail Mowers
2003 Challenger MT865, 5420hrs
          serAGCMT865T, 5SCV, PS,
          Rebuilt Engine & Trans
1979 JD 4640, 7662hrs, ser8641R, CAH, PS, 3pt,
          1000 PTO, 2SCV, 20.8x38 Duals
1988 Versatile 936, 9529hrs, ser330917, CAH,
          4SCV, 20.8x28 Duals
1984 JD 4450, 7236hrs, serH013035, CAH, QR,
          Dual PTO, 3SCV, 18.3x38 Duals
1980 JD 8640, 11,285hrs, ser5110R, QR,
          1000 PTO, 3SCV, 18.4x38 Duals
1976 MF 1105, 6287hrs, ser58961, CAH, 540 PTO,
          2SCV, 18.4x38
1969 MF 180, ser9175746, 3pt

  Planters & Drills

2009 Case IH 1250 16RN, serY9S007278,
          9500 acres, Trash Wheels, Markers,
          CIH 600 Monitor, Row Clutches,
          Corn & Bean Plates Pneumatic Down
2009 Case IH 1250 24RN, serY9S007551,
          4800 acres, Liquid Fertilizer,
          CIH 600 Monitor, Corn, Bean & Milo Plates,
          Trash Wheels, Row Shut Offs
2000 Case IH 955 16RN, serJAG1010885,
          Liquid Fertilizer, 22" Spacing, Markers,
          Selecto Side Shut Off
Case IH 950 12RN serJJC0028553,
          Liquid Fertilizer, Markers,
          Corn & Bean Drums
1991 Case IH 950 8RN, serJJC0027525,
          Liquid Fertilizer, Corn, Bean & Milo Drums
Case IH 900 6RN, serJJC0025686, Liquid Fertilizer,
Case IH 900 6RN serJJC0025594, NT,
          Trash Wheels, Dry Fertilizer, Markers
IH 510 Drill, serC1111, Grass Seed
IH 800 16RN serU00595, Corn and Bean Drums
IH 800, serUO14512, 12RN, Markers,
          Corn & Bean Drums
IH 800 12RN, serU014750
2009 Kinze 3660 EV-31, ser660204, 3,375 acres,
          Pneumatic Down Pressure, Markers,
          Bulk Fill, Kinze Vision Monitor,
          Row Shut Offs, Bean Plates
2005 Kinze 3500 8/15R, ser902743, 6,600 acres,
          NT, KPMII Monitor, Liquid Fertilizer,
          Corn & Bean Meters, Keeton Seed Firmers
2004 Kinze 3600 16RN, ser618985, 10,000 acres,
          Markers, Corn & Bean Meters,
          Keeton Seed Firmers, Row Shut Off
JD 1790 16/31R, serC710427, Markers,
          Pneumatic Down Pressure
JD 1780 16RN, NT, Vacuum, serA01780L690241,
          Markers, Corn, Bean & Milo Meters
1996 JD 1760 12RN, NT, Liquid Fertilizer, Vacuum,
          serF665173, Markers
JD 1530 Drill, ser675204, NT, 15',
          Single Disc Openers, Markers
JD 8350 Drill, 15', Single Disc Openers

  Tillage Equipment

2011 Case IH 330 Vertical Tillage,
          25' serJFH0049084, Rolling Basket
2010 Case IH 330 Vertical Tillage, serJFH0049076,
          31', Rolling Basket
2010 Case IH RMX370 Disk, serY8S010568,
          34' 9" Spacing
1997 Case IH 4300 Field Cultivator,
          serJAG0623549, 44', 3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow
Case IH 4800 Field Cultivator, serJAG0055731, 24',
          3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow
2010 Great Plains 2400 Turbo Till, ser3121NN, 24',
          Rolling Basket
Blu Jet 15 Shank Applicator, ser5820229,
          Raven 440 Controller
Krause 15 Shank Applicator, ser1109,
          Raven 440 Controller, Raven Cold Flo,
          2 Section Shut Off
JD 650 Disk, 27' 9" Spacing, ser385

  Skid Steers

1999 Case 75XT, 2660hrs, serJAFO254857
2007 JD 320, 297hrs, ser143285, Cab
2000 NH LS180, 3277hrs, ser185103
1992 Gehl 3725, 1173hrs, ser6002

  Hay Equipment

2005 Case IH RBX562, 4455 Bales, Twine,
          Kicker Wheels, serHBJ039599
1998 Case IH 8830 Self Propelled Windrower,
          1983hrs, serCFH0101141, 14', Sickle
1997 Case IH 8465, 8000 Bales, serCFH0122500,
1992 Case IH 8465, serCFH0074241, Twine
1991 Case IH 8460A, 7500 Bales, serCFH0057091,
2006 NH BR780, 5000 Bales, ser62673, Twine
2001 Hesston 1340 Disc Conditioner, serHK83361,
          13' Steel Rolls
1994 JD 535, Twine, serX974096
1996 Vermeer 605K, ser1002935, Twine
Vermeer R23 Twin Rake
Vermeer 1030 Disk Conditioner, serE421000212,
          13', Steel Rolls


2011 Case IH 7088, 1089/939hrs, serYAG004848,
          Field Tracker, AFX Rotor, Yield Monitor,
          Straw Chopper, 900/60R32
2011 Case IH 7088, 1069/905hrs, serYBG006772,
          PRWA, Field Tracker, Yield Monitor,
          Straw Chopper, 960R32
2010 Case IH 7120, 1055/742hrs, serYAG209761,
          Field Tracker, AFX Rotor, Straw Chopper,
          Yield Monitor, 520/85R42 Duals
2010 Case IH 8120, 854/628hrs, serYAG209088,
          Field Tracker, AFX Rotor, Straw Chopper,
          620/70R42 Duals
2009 Case IH 7088, 1966/1569hrs, serY9G001505,
          Field Tracker, 900/65R32, Yield Monitor
2009 Case IH 7088, 1560/1102hrs, serY9G002086,
          Hillco Side Hill, Field Tracker, AFX Rotor,
          Yield Monitor, Straw Chopper,
          520/85R42 Duals
2006 Case IH AFX8010, 1851/1210hrs,
          serHAJ106583, PRWA, Field Tracker,
          AFX Rotor, Yield Monitor, Straw Chopper,
          20.8R42 Duals
2002 Case IH 2388, 3100/2290hrs, serJJC0270600,
          Chaff Spreader, 30.5x32
2001 Case IH 2388, 4388/3200hrs serJJC0270245,
          Straw Chopper, Field Tracker, Yield Monitor,
          480/80R42 Duals
2000 Case IH 2388, 3197/2492hrs, serJJC0268524,
          Field Tracker, Yield Monitor, 30.5x32
1999 Case IH 2388, 3278/2542hrs, serJJC0266938,
          Specialty Rotor, Field Tracker, 30.5x32
1997 Case IH 2166, 3489/2576hrs, serJJC0182026,
          Specialty Rotor, 30.5x32
1997 Case IH 2188, 4736/3349hrs, serJJC0192712,
          AFX Rotor, 24.5x32
1997 Case IH 2188, 4127/3209hrs, serJJC0196131,
          PRWA, Chaff Spreader, Yield Monitor,
1994 Case IH 1666, 3865hrs, serJJC0104584,
          PRWA, Specialty Rotor, Chaff Spreader,
1994 Case IH 1688, 4277hrs, serJJC0120964,
1992 Case IH 1680, 4669hrs, serJJC0117863,
1988 Case IH 1680, 4715hrs, serJJC0048866,
1988 Case IH 1680, 4721hrs, serJJC0044601,
Case IH 1660, 4271hrs, serJJC0027041, PRWA,
          Chaff Spreader, 30.5x32
1991 Case IH 1660, 4102hrs, serJJC0102400,
1979 IH 1460, 3150hrs, serU006939, PRWA, 24.5x32
2008 JD 9770STS, 3059/1972hrs, PRWA,
          serH09770S725242, CM, Yield Monitor,
          Straw Chopper, 800/70R38
2008 Lexion 570R, 1650/1073hrs, PRWA,
          Lateral Tilt, Yield Monitor, 960R32
2007 Gleaner R65, 1777/1219hrs, serHS62147,
          Lateral Tilt, Yield Monitor, 480/80R42 Duals
MF 8450, 3100hrs, ser193828-8, 24.5x32
1982 MF 860, 3629hrs, ser1746-16372, PRWA,
          Straw Chopper, 24.5x32

  Corn Heads & Platforms

2012 Case IH 3020 Platform, 30', serYBZL57860
2011 Case IH 3020 Platform, 35', serYBZL56086
2010 Case IH 2020 Platform, 25', serYAZL53397
2010 Case IH 2020 Platform, 30', serYAZL52464
2009 Case IH 3408 Corn Head, serY9S019406
2007 Case IH 2020 Platform, 35', serCBJ021304
2005 Case IH 2208 Corn Head, serHAJ035616
Case IH 2208 Corn Head, serCBJ032766
2004 Case IH 1020 Platform, 30', serJJC0334082
2004 Case IH 1020 Platform, 30', serJJC0350269
2003 Case IH 2206 Corn Head, serHAJ003894
2003 Case IH 2206 Corn Head, serHAJ034273
2003 Case IH 2206 Corn Head, serHAJ034284
2003 Case IH 2208 Corn Head, serHAJ003703
2001 Case IH 1020 Platform, 30', serJJC0327158
2001 Case IH 1020 Platform, 25', serJJC0325383
1997 Case IH 1020 Platform, 25', serJJC0225261
1997 Case IH 1020 Platform, 25', serJJC0223200
1996 Case IH 1063 Corn Head, serJJC0153312
1995 Case IH 1020 Platform, 25', serJJC0218490
1992 Case IH 1020 Platform, 20', serJJC0088841
1990 Case IH 1083 Corn Head, serJJC069326
2012 Gleaner 8200 Platform, 25' serTCHW08111
2012 NH 880CF Platform, 35', serYCH022058
Drago 12RN Corn Head, ser27498
2011 JD 625F Platform, serVB074398
2009 JD 630F Platform, serX731887
2004 JD 893 Corn Head, serH00893X705883
2003 JD 630F Platform, ser725854
1999 JD 925 Platform, serF681646
1994 JD 925 Platform, serF652209
MF F9122 Platform, serE000119

  Grain Handling

A&L 750 Grain Cart, ser970838
Brent 876 Grain Cart, serB19320112
Ficklin CA13000 Grain Cart, ser21083
J&M 675-14 Grain Cart, ser675-0910
Caldwell 400 Grain Cart, ser1322
UFT 660 Grain Cart, ser6935
Unverferth 275 Gravity Box, ser18060
Unverferth 375 Gravity Box, ser18490223
Buhler 1395 Auger, ser21909829
Westfield 13X71 Auger, ser56992
Westfield 13X91 Auger, ser190397


2012 JD 4630 Sprayer, 300hrs, Self-Propelled,
          ser0023772, 80' Booms, 600 Gallon Tank
2009 Apache AS1010, 500hrs, Self-Propelled,
         ser9094031, 90' Booms, 1000 Gallon Poly,
          Foam Markers, Raven & Ag Leader
          Controllers, Triple Nozzle
2009 Case IH 3330, 650hrs, Self-Propelled,
          serY9T025118, 90' Booms, 1000 Gallon SS,
2008 Case IH 3185, 1512hrs, Self-Propelled,
          serY8T024059, 90' Booms, 750 Gallon
          Poly, 4WD, Foam Marker, Raven 460
          Controller, 5-Way Nozzles
2005 Bestway FPIII, Pull Type, ser19447-05,
          80' Booms, 1200 Gallon, Raven 450
          Controller, Triple Nozzle
2004 Redball 670, Pull Type, ser402391,
          80' Booms, 1250 Gallon, Raven Controller,
          Triple Nozzle
2003 Spra-Coupe 4440, 2500hrs, Self-Propelled,
          serJM8A105, 60' Booms, 400 Gallon Poly,
          Foam Markers, Raven 460 Controller,
          Outback Monitor
2001 RoGator 1254, 5082hrs, Self-Propelled,
          ser125046801, 90' Booms, 1200 Gallon SS,
          4WD, Raven 660 Controller, Triple Nozzle
Bestway FPII, Pull Type, ser81939, 60' Booms,
          1000 Gallon, Raven Controller


2012 Bush Hog 2720, ser12-01799
2009 Rhino FR180, ser13538
1999 Rhino TW84, ser15432
Rhino SR15, ser10904
Bush Hog, ser10868


2005 Rhino SPHD Post Hole Auger, ser19564
Case IH Wheel Weights
Quick Hitch
Drive Shafts
Loader Brackets
IH Suit Case Weights
NH Suit Case Weights
JD Wheel Weights
Poly Tanks
Combine Rear Axle Take offs
Steiger Drawbar
Big Ben A-1 Spray Mist
Skid Loader Grapple 54"

Auctioneer's Note Folks, if you are in the market for good used farm machinery, you won't want to miss this opportunity. Bruna Implement, an ongoing Case IH Dealer, will once again offer you a full line of equipment to suit your needs. Please join us o

Case Dealer Inventory Reduction Auction

For more information, call:
Sellers - Bruna Implement Co.

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