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Two-Day Auction

Location: 1104 East 5th St (Legion Hall), Maryville, MO

. Friday July 21st, 2017 - Saturday July 22nd, 2017
PLEASE NOTE: The owner if this property is Charles F Linville, son of C E Linville Jr. and Frieda Linville (deceased) long-time residents of Skidmore. Many of the items were handed down through the generations.



To be sold as singles, in bagged lots, books and rolls, from a numbered program. Many have a grade written on them, I assume, from when Jr. Linville acquired them, or before. Goslee Auctions did not grade or have anyone grade these coins. You, the buyer, are responsible for your own, personal assessment of the condition of these coins. Call or e-mail Goslee Auctions if you would like a full list. The following is an over view of this large collection. Coin sale will last approximately 3 hours.


100 plus Silver half dollars-Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy ’64’s; Wheat pennies to include 1909 VDB, 1909S VDB, 1909S, 1910S, 1911S, 1911D, 1912S, !912D, 1913S,  1914S, 1914D, 1915S, 1922 plain, 1924D, 1931S, 1933D; Wheat penny book with 54 coins that includes 1909VDB and other good dates;   Mercury Dimes; Roosevelt dines; Indian Head pennies; War nickels; Washington and Standing Liberty quarters; V-nickels; old Foreign coins; CIVIL WAR PAPER MONEY to include Sept. 12, 1816 Owl Creek Bank of Mount Vernon, Ohio 1 dollar #442;  July 21, 1862 Virginia Treasury Note 1 dollar; Feb. 17, 1864 Confederate States Of America 50 dollar #10628; April 6, 1863 Confederate 1 dollar #32877; May 17, 1853 Farmers Bank Elizabeth City, N C 20 dollar #944; April 14, 1862 Richmond Virginia Confederate 75 cents note; March 13, 1862 5 dollar Virginia Treasury Note; 1862 10 cent Postage Currency Note; many Proof and Mint sets; Buffalo Nickels; A few silver dollars; 1807 draped bust half-has hole; 1903-O dime; 1908S Indian Head penny; Farmers Union Mercantile Skidmore, Mo tokens; 1858 quarter;  Mercury dime book 76 coins to include 21 & 21D; Indian Head penny book 31 coins to include 1861, 63, 64, 74 and 75; 1868 copper nickel 3 cent; 1848 Mexican ¼ Real; 1798 1 Reales; 1798 12 Stykker Norway-Obsolete; 1740 8 Reales Spanish; 1822 capped bust quarter; 1772 Carolus 3 Dix Centimes; 1861 Farthing and half penny; 1858 Canada penny; 1864 Sweden 1 Ore; 1870 Russian 15 Koreks; US of A Filipinas coins; 55 Franklin half BU; year 2000 Library of Congress US Mint silver dollar; 1989 Prestige set; many rolls of Mercury and Roosevelt silver dimes; Hundreds of war nickels-bagged; 1947D UNC wheat penny rolls; rolls of 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s wheat pennies; 1960’s mint sets; much much more.





ROTH VIOLIN: March 1932 Full size, with certificate of guarantee of workmanship, #B318 copy of Antonius Stradivarius under the supervision of Ernst Heinrich Roth, Germany, Style 120R, bow signed Erpfretzschner in original hard case. Sells at 1 pm.


GUNS: Sell at 1:15 pm COLT M1911A1 USA ARMY 45 PISTOL SN 837602, nickel plated, marked US Property, Manufactured 1942, Jr Linville carried this weapon as an MP during WW2, holster marked US; FRANKLIN pellet gun; Gun laws apply to the Army 45.


ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES: 2” German 4 color swirl marble; other marbles; 1900 Mo Bankers Convention ribbon; old stick pins; Alamo letter opener; small Union case Ambrotype of man in uniform; small tin types of child and man in uniform; mud man planter; wire rim spectacles in hard leather case; Sun Kraft cold quartz ultra-violet and ozone apparatus; pair matching Aladdin Alacite elec lamps; 1929 Gallup’s Highway Atlas; 1975 Heston belt buckles; cigarette lighters to inc. Sq. Deal Ins, Camel, Raven, Evans w/cigarette case, view lighter; KNIVES to inc. Imperial hunting, J Rogers & Sons Sheffield Bowie style w/bone handle, middle east style dagger-no marks, Kirksville Equipment Barlow, blue steel Solingen hunting w/bone handle, Rostfri hunting, Imperial fishng, Kutmaster stainless; Camillus Scout type-bone handle, Simmons Hardware-bone handle, Swiss Army, Schrade-bone handle, others-some have broken blades; 8 mm movie equipment; black fur cape and muff; big eye children prints; 2 vintage Califone speakers w/mic; old highway maps; celluloid face 4” santa; briar cigar holder; plaster carnival collie dog bank; 1909 map of Mo; Oil painting ‘Boy and Rabbit’ Henry Raeburn recreation; Flemish Art glove box; old buttons; 1950’s Skelly credit cards; Conn Clarinet; oak case kitchen shelf clock; Vintage blue denim jackets size 42 & 44;1894 California Fair quad plate cup; box of vintage 2” United Fireworks fire crackers; Kellogg’s Baseball flicker cards display; Zeiss Icon 35 mm camera and extra lens; still life painting by Helen Haase; Kodak carousel slide projector; several quilts; 12” globe; Richard Bishop talio-chrome wildlife prints; Wake Master plastic case radio 5057U; 2 large mouth stone jugs; Ironstone pitcher; horse race analyzer; vintage photo’s; Hummel “Surprise” and “Merry Wanderer” small bee; Elgin National Hunter Case pocket watch; 1913 chalk windmill scene; Fitch song flute; old keys; Mulberry Van-Briggle 5” vase; oil cloth Nodaway Co banner; yard sticks; German and Avon beer steins; other items.


FISHING AND SPORTING COLLECTIBLES: large collection of lures to inc. Dare Devil spoons,

 CC&Co, Pflueger Palomine, unmarked wooden, Lazy Ikes, River Runt, jointed lures, Shakespeare mouse, Paul Bunyan Dodger, Heddon Spook, Sashay minnow, Water Witch spoon, Len Thompson spoon, red eye musky spoon, musky lure, many others; My Buddy tackle box; Shakespeare Ideal 70 bait cast reel; Red River 7345 bait cast reel; South Bend bamboo fly rod and reel; Shakespeare 2000 open face reel w/wonder rod; Garcia Mitchell 308 open face reel w//Garcia rod; Trout V-3 spin cast reel w/rod; Aluminum Wonder rod case; Ambassador 5000 bait cast reel; Arnold Palmer souvenir book; Lyman Super Target Spot 10X scope #6624 in wooden case; 20x40 spotting scope; 26 Duck Stamps from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s signed by Jr; Olt’s crow call; Perfect Mallard duck call; Varmint call; Pied Piper fox call; shooting bags; AMMUNITION to inc. 9 boxes Klean Bore 22 LR; Super X 22 LR; Peter’s 300 H&H soft point, full case Western 22 LR, Full case Rem HI-Speed 22 LR, Partial box Winchester Silver Tip 300 H&H mag, other calibers in bags & boxes-38, 45, 42, 32, 410 & 12 ga shotgun shells, other ammo; older set golf clubs.


SKIDMORE COLLECTBLES: 1909 Chautauqua ribbon; Manchester & Dodds and Skidmore Lumber yard sticks; Zook Feed cane; Methodist church plate; dog tags; blueprint map of sewage plant; Hart Produce mirror; 1924 Methodist Church South cook book; cigar box full of pencils from old Skidmore businesses; Skidmore Rental & Supply pinup girl ash trays-new condition; 1880to 1980 history book; other items.


GLASS AND CHINA: Haviland China painted by Moorhead 1917; Milk glass plate w/image of little girl; green fan vase; etched wine-Romani, Calif; Lenox crystal vase; Star of Bethlehem pitcher; cut and pressed glass bowls; stemware; Delft vase; enameled gold painted cordials; bread plate w/wheat; ruby flashed tumbler 1884 Anna Linville; set of Bavaria plates painted by Moorhead 1918; pink dep cake plate-cherries; 10 pink Heisey 9” plates-diamond mark; German bowls; Siesta Ware mug set in original wooden tray; Roseville Turquoise Ivy hanging planter; Fenton angel-signed; Frankoma stand up ash tray; Roseville Ming vase-chip; Westmoreland hen on nest; iridescent art vase w/ground pontil; Fostoria jelly compote; other glass.


POLITICAL COLLECTIBLES: signed Stuart Symington photo; Pin Back Buttons to inc/ Symington, Humphry/Muskie, Adlai/Estes, JFK, I’m for Adlai, Hull for Congress, Eagleton, LBJ flicker, Hearns, Mondale/Ferraro, FDR, Goldwater, Bush, Landon, I’m Proud To Be A Democrat, many others; Invitation to Carter’s inauguration; Bill Hull campaign poster; W R Hull poster; JFK Inauguration Address with letter of Presentation from WR Hull; 1973 Memorial book on Harry Truman signed by Tom Eagleton; match books; nail files; stickers; lapel pins; other items.


MILITARY COLLECTIBLES: 2 ww2 trunks full of military clothes –shirts, jackets, coats, hats, pants, blankets, etc; US Army service pack suit case; German 10 x 50 Hensolddt-Wetzler binoculars; Large Christmas card form Sid Salomon w/color print of USS Missouri; WW2 AN6530 USAAF pilots goggles with amber lenses-leather dried; WW2 Red Cross button sewing kit; WW2 MP arm band; WW2 Camillus fighting knife in USM8 scabbard; award pins; WW1 Great War For Civilization medal; 48 star cloth lapel pins; WW2 Signal Corp pin; CBS WW2 Library; more.


JEWELRY: Mans 14K gold ring w/1 Karat (approximate) round center diamond and side diamonds; misc. gold rings; 1939 World’s Fair ring; Victorian dress pin w/amethyst; sterling bracelet w/turquoise; sterling pin w/leaf & berries; Austria Christmas tree pin; Wittnauer 14K gold ladies watch-needs repair; jewelry box w/bakelite pulls; lots of costume jewelry; Seiko watch w/sterling & Turquoise wrist decorations; WOW ring; other items.


LAWN MOWER: sells at 10 am. Snapper self-propel, 21” cut, model 12A-A27X07-used very little.


BOOKS AND MAGAZINES: HUGE COLLECTION! HISTORY, MILITARY & WAR, ANIMALS & NATURE, NOVELS, CHILDREN’S, GUNS & SPORTING, COOKING. Listed here are some of them. Colt Firearms 1836 to 1954 by Servin; Harold Bell Wright novels; 1893 & 1925 Nodaway County Atlases; 1920’s Picture Book of Washington DC; 1933 World’s Fair picture book; Audubon Nature book; Memoirs of Field Marshall Kesselring; 1880 Mississippi Valley & Pre-Historic events-leather bound; 1895 Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson; Erni Pyle books; 1953 Smith & Wesson Story of the Revolver; 1951 Ground Observer’s Guide; 1970 & 75 Nodaway Co directories; 1968 Holt Co directory; 1950’s Sports Afield Hunting Annuals; 1950’s Shooters Bibles; 1892 History of Free Masons; 38 1954 & 55 sports Illustrated magazines to inc. April 18th & 11th with baseball cards; Post & Life magazines; 1864-65 Congressional Globe; 1865 Peterson’s Magazine-hard bound; 1903 Curtis’s Cook book; 1950 Encyclopedia of Sex; 1953 Sexually Adequate Female; 1945 WW2 In Pictures; 1879 New School History of US; 1853 Copyright Ed, Vol 2 The Merchant Prince; 1844 Doctrines & Discipline of Methodist-Episcopal Church; 1877 Free Masons Practical Monitor; 1855 Masonic Text Book; Many books on guns, Gunsmithing, & Hunting; Fly Fishing color prints; 1965 8 volume set of History of WW2; 1938 Geology of N W Mo; 2 vol. set of 1910 Past & Present of Nodaway Co, Mo; 1982 Judgement Day; 1953 Encyclopedia of American History; 1909 Masonic Manual of Mo; 1948 From Salerno to the Alps 1st Ed; In Broad Daylight hard back; 1925Traplines and Trails; McLaughlin Brothers History of the US; Illustrated Book of Indians; 1943 pull out picture book; 1909 map of Mo; 1950 Lac Suel, Ontario map of topography; 1898 picture book of military life in Cuba; 1st printing The Best of HT Webster; 1867 Bible The Original Tongues; 1913 Morals & Dogma of Scottish Rite; 1937 Gallatin Tea Room cook book; 1947 1st ed Company Commander; box of 1970’s Penthouse Magazines; Time Life Civil War set; Vintage black & white map of Washington DC; 1977 Tales of Nod Co; Nod Co Pictorial History; square dance books; many others.


FURNTURE: oak S-scroll 42” desk; walnut drop leaf formal table; 3 piece bedroom full, walnut;  dressers; end table; coffee table; dark finish china cabinet; book shelves; single bed; lamps, tea cart; chairs; sewing machine.



Two-Day Auction

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