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Kilmer Farm Equipment & Area Consignment Auction

Location: 14755 Cattle Ln
Versailles, MO
Saturday December 7th, 2013 at 9am
Tractors, Machinery, Equipment
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Semi-Annual Kilmer Farm Equipment & Area Consignment Auction, Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 9:00 AM, Versailles, MO


14755 Cattle Ln.
Versailles, MO  65084


At the Intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 52 in Versailles, go North on Hwy 5 for 1 mile to Cattle Lane then turn Right ( East)
and go ¼ mile to Sale Site.

2 Rings will run day of sale.

Click here to view complete sale bill and pictures


2005 JD 6715, 2809hrs, MFWD, Canopy, PQ,
2004 Case IH DX45 MFWD Hydro,
          w/Case IH Loader
2000 JD 6410, MFWD, PQ, Roll Bar,
          w/JD 640SL Loader and Grapple
1998 JD 6410, MFWD, CAH, PQ,
          w/JD 640 Loader, 18.4x38
JD 6310, MFWD, OS, w/JD 640 Loader
JD 5310, Canopy
JD 6500L, MFWD, PQ, Dual PTO, 2SCV
JD 3040, 4105hrs, CAH, 18.4x38
JD 2640, Power Reverser, On Steel
1975 JD 2630, Diesel, w/Woods 1027 Loader
1973 JD 1530, Hi-Lo Trans, Diesel, Sharp
JD 4020, Diesel, Roll Bar and Canopy
JD 4440, 9966hrs, 2SCV, New Cab Kit,
          Dual PTO, QR
JD 1020, Gas, On Steel
Case IH 7120, 6200hrs, CAH, PS, Duals,
          2 Owner
1976 JD 4430, 6400hrs, CAH, QR, 18.4x38
IH 656, 3400 act hrs, Gas, Hydro,
          Like New 15.5x38
IH 856 Wheatland, Restored
1954 JD 60, NF, Factory 3pt, Runs Good
1951 JD B, NF, Like New Tires
1944 JD A, NF, Elec Start
NH TN70, 1500hrs, MFWD, Power Reverser,
          w/NH 32LA QA Loader,
          Skid Steer QA Bucket
Ford 3600, Diesel, 1SCV
Ford 3000, Gas, Eng Overhaul, 1SCV, Live PTO
Ford 3000, On Steel
1981 IH 3788, 2+2, Front and Rear Duals
Ford 7700, 7083hrs, CAH, Diesel, 1 Owner,
          Extra Nice
IH 706, German Diesel, New TA
Case IH 595, 2300hrs
1974 JD 830, Diesel
IH 400, PS
Farmall B
IH 140 w/Cultivator
MF 85, Diesel
MH 33
Deutz 6806, Canopy
Oliver 880, NF, Diesel
Oliver 60, NF, w/Cultivator Lift
1954 AC WD45, WF, 3pt
Farmall A for Parts

 Combines & Heads
IH 1460, 2wd
(2) MF 540, Diesel
MH 50 Clipper, Pull Type
MF 15' Rigid Head
Case IH 1020 Flex Head, 20'
JD 215 Flex Head
MF 13' Rigid Head
MF 13' Flex Head
MF 4-Row Narrow Corn Head
JD 244 Corn Head
JD 454A Row Crop Head
Combine Header Trailer
Pickup Reel for JD 215 Flex Head
 Planters & Sprayers
JD 7000, 6 RN, Liquid Fertilizer, NT
2-Row Planter, 3pt
JD 8200 Drill, Double Disc, 10'
Marilss 15' Drill, w/NT Caddy
Tye 15' NT Drill
Tye 104-3004 Drill, 7' Pasture Pleaser, NT,
          Series V
IH Drill, 10', w/Grass Seed
Best Way 750 Gallon Sprayer, 48' Booms
Best Way 500 Gallon Sprayer
Fimco 500 Gallon Sprayer, 45' Booms
Clark 200 Gallon Sprayer, SS Pump, 30' Booms
Hardi 375 Gallon Sprayer, 3pt,
          Omega 60' Hyd Booms
3pt Sprayer, 50' Booms
 Tillage Equipment
IH 4500 Field Cultivator, 23', Hyd Fold,
          New Sweeps, w/Harrow
JD 1010 Field Cultivator, 28', w/Harrow
Hesston 2240 Field Cultivator, 24', w/Harrow
Hesston 2210 Field Cultivator, 26', w/Harrow
Kewanee 380 Field Cultivator, 27', w/Harrow
Heniker 18' Field Cultivator, w/Harrow
Heniker 20' Field Cultivator, w/Harrow
Aerway 10' Pasture Aerator, Dual Wheels
          and Weights
Salford RTS570 Vertical Tillage Tool, 30',
          19.5" Blades, sn#091908
Taylorway 18' One Pass Finish Tool
Case F21 Disk, 20', Hyd Fold
IH 475 Disk, 16'
IH 475 Disk, 14'
IH 470 Disk, 14'
IH 470 Disk, 12'
IH 350 Disk, 10'
Kewanee 610 Disk, 14'
IH 37 Disk, 10'
IH 37 Disk, 8', w/Hyd Cylinder
JD Drag Disk, 7'
JD AW 10' Wheel Disk
MF 820 Disk, 24'
JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 15'
IH 18 Rotary Hoe, Hyd Fold
Rotary Hoe, 8', 3pt
JD RM6 Row Cultivator, 3pt
JD RW6 Row Cultivator, 3pt
3pt One Row Cultivator
Chain Link Drag Harrow
Brillion 12' Cultipacker
AC Snap Coupler 3 Bottom Plow
JD F145 4x14 Plow
IH 700 5x18 Plow
Dearborn 2x14 Plow, 3pt
Ferguson 2x14 Plow, 3pt
MH 2x14 Plow, 3pt
Ford 2x14 Plow, 3pt
Bush Hog 2620, 1000 PTO
Bush Hog 2615, 1000 PTO
Bush Hog 306, 6', 3pt
Bush Hog 286, 6', 3pt
JD 709, 7', 3pt
Woods 3240, 20', 540 PTO, Safety Chains
Side Winder 15'
5' Cutter, 3pt
 Hay Equipment
JD 566 Baler, Net Wrap, Kicker, Tucker Wheels
NH 658 Baler, Wide Pickup, Twine, 540 PTO
Case IH 8480 Baler, 5x6
Hesston 5800 Round Baler
JD 327 Square Baler
Case IH DCX101 Discbine, 10'4" Cut,
          Rubber Rolls
Hesston 1150 Haybine, 12', For Parts
NH 415 Discbine, 11'3" Cut
NH 404 Hay Crimper, Restored
2004 Lely 10-Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold
Sitrex 520 Tedder, 4 Basket
JD 265 Disc Mower
JD 275 Disc Mower
NH 451 Sickle Mower
NH 256 Bar Rake
NI 5409 Disc Mower
JD 8 Sickle Mower w/Cylinder
JD 39 Sickle Mower
JD 5 Sickle Mower
Hesston 1090 Haybine, 9'
Hesston 1091 Haybine, 9'
Hesston 1120 Haybine, 9', New Guards
JD 8 Sickle Mower, 3pt
Panorama 8-Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold
NH 163 Tedder, 4 Basket
Steffen 1550 Bale Accumulator
Hoelsher 18 Bale Grapple
NH 144 Hay Inverter
JD 466 Baler, Net Wrap, 540 PTO
1999 NH 648 Baler, Net Wrap, 4x5
Vermeer 605J Baler, Good Belts
Kuhn GMD700 Disc Mower, 9'
Walton 8-Wheel V-Rake
NI 4310 10-Wheel V-Rake
NH 489 Haybine, Rubber Rolls
Vermeer Gooseneck Hay Trailer, Self Unload
Farmhand Square Bale Accumulator
          and Bale Grabber
Hoelsher Small Square Bale Accumulator
NH 489 Haybine, 9'
(2) 3pt Bale Unrollers
Bale Spear for JD 541 Loader
Patz 9427 Small Square Bale Chopper, 13hp Honda
3pt Bale Spear
3pt Bale Fork
2-Prong Bale Spear for Skid Steer, New
 Manure Spreaders
2011 NH 185, Top Beater, Little Use
NH 680, Tandem Axle, Hyd End Gate
NH 676, Tandem Axle, 300 Bushel
H&S 3306, Hyd Drive, Augers, 500 Bushel
Knight 725, Side Slinger, Tandem
Meyer 5570 Industrial, 700 Bushel
NI 3739, Tandem Axle, Top Beater,
          Hyd End Gate
NI 300 Bushel, Tandem Axle
NI 213, 3 Beaters, PTO
NI 206, Ground Drive
IH 530, 540 PTO
JD 40, 540 PTO
Shamrock 16' Litter Spreader, PTO
 Silage Equipment

IH 830 Silage Chopper w/3 Row 30" Head
Fox Chopper w/2-Row Wide Head
          and 1-Row Head
JD 3800 Chopper, Elec Controls, 1000 RPM
JD 38 Chopper, Manual Controls, 1000 RPM
JD 16 Flail Chopper, 6.5' Cut
JD 13' Hay Pickup Head
          for 5000 Series Chopper
JD 7' Hay Pickup Head, Green
JD 2 Row Wide Head for Chopper
NH 824 2 Row Head
2002 Vicon MH90S Silage Chopper, 1 Row, 3pt,
          Little Use
Ag Wrap 5x5 Silage Bale Wrapper, 3pt
Hesston 3-Row, 30" Silage Head
          off of Field Queen Chopper
NH 8 Silage Wagon, Front and Rear Unload
Gehl 910 Silage Wagon, 14'
Big Blue Silage Wagon, 14', w/Roof
NH 30 Silage Blower, 1000 RPM

 Skid Steers, Attachments
      & Construction Equipment

Ford 4000 Industrial Tractor/Loader Backhoe
Case Model S Tractor, w/30 Industrial Loader
Sears Mini Crawler, Small, Does Not Run
1999 Atlas Copco 175CFM Air Compressor,
          JD Eng
2008 Marco Sand Blaster, sn#M3582,
          Fresh Air Hood, Trailer Type
          Air Compressor, Ford Gas Power Unit
JD 444D Articulated Loader, 4x4, w/Bucket
4yd Dirt Pan, No Dolly Wheels
10' Pull Type Box Blade
Pallet Forks for Skid Loader
Jaeger Portable Air Compress, Gas Eng
2012 Diamond K Box Blade, 8', Red, Little Use
2013 Diamond K 120T Blade, 10', New
84" Rock Grapple, Global QT
48" Skid Steer Pallet Forks, 5200# Cap, New
Skid Steer Log Splitter, 30" Stroke, New
Skid Steer 10' V-Snow Plow, New
Walton 6000 Fork Lift, 4x4, Diesel, Side Shift
Case 1845 Special Skid Loader, Gas
Lowe 1650CH Hyd Auger w/9", 12" & 18" Bits,
Lowe 750CH Hyd Auger, w/9" & 12" Bits, New
Stout Brush Grapple 66", New
Stout XHD84 Brush Grapple, New
Stout HD72 Rock Bucket/Brush Grapple
          Combo, New
Stout XHD82 Rock Bucket/Grapple, New
Stout Receiver Hitch Plate, New
Stout Regular Weld-On Skid Steer Plate, New
Stout Solid Weld-On Skid Steer Plate, New
Stout Pallet Forks, 48", Walk Through, New
(2) Stout Pallet Forks, 48", New

 Grain Cart, Wagons
      & Bale Trailers

(2) 150 Bushel Gravity Wagons
          on 10 Ton Running Gear, w/Augers
Brent 420 Grain Cart, w/Roll Tarp, 20.8x38
Parker Gravity Flow Wagon on JD Running Gear
Kilbros 350 Gravity Wagon, Roll Tarp, 14' Auger
Ficklin Gravity Flow Wagon, 250 Bushel
Farm King Gravity Flow Wagon, 175 Bushel
Flair Box Wagon on Gear
Cramer Gravity Flow Wagon
E-Z Flow Gravity Flow Wagon, 250 Bushel
16' Flatbed Hay Wagon
14' Flatbed Wagon
8'x16' Flatbed Wagon
Demco 12-Ton Gear, 8 Bolt Wheels,
          22.5 Truck Tires
Westendorf 10-Ton Gear, 6 Bolt Wheels
Calhoun 8-Ton Gear, 6 Bolt Wheels
Westendorf 6-Ton Gear, 5 Bolt Wheels
Hyder Auger Wagon
Smith Creek 26' HD 10 Bale Trailer, 22.5 Duals,
1987 DooLittle 16' Flatbed, 4' Dove, Triple Axle,
          Folding Ramps, Gooseneck

 TMR Mixers & Feed Wagons

1995 Oswalt 250 TMR, Ruffage Master,
          4 Augers, J-Star Scales
Oswalt 320, 3 Augers
Knight 3250 Reel Augie, TMR Stationary Mixer,
          220V, 10hp, J-Star Scales
Arts Way 700 Sila Mix Feed Wagon
Gehl Feed Wagon, New Chains
Kelly Ryan 4x10 Feed Wagon
JD 310 Auger Wagon, 2 Compartments
Hesston BP20 Bale Processor, 540 PTO

 Lawn & Garden Equipment

2012 Dixon Ram Zero Turn, 48" Cut
JD 285 Lawn Mower, 48" Deck
Wheel Horse 520H Mower, Hydro 40" Deck,
Priefert 7' Landscape Rake
Speeco 3-pt Wood Splitter, Tilt-up Model

 Tires & Wheels

Pair of 18.4R38 Tires
Pair of 28LR26 Combine Tires
(2) 38" Wheel Castings for IH 86 Series
950Lx15 Tri Rib Tractor Tires
Pair of 18.4x26 Tires on 8-Bolt Wheels

 Miscellaneous Items

(3) Large Crates of JD 40, 50 and 55 Series
          Specialty Tools
(7) Rear IH Weights
20'x6 Ring Grain Bin, 4000 Bushel, Drying Floor,
(3) 6" Grain Sump Augers
24" Bin Fan
24" Propane Bin Dryer
2-Wheel Feed Bin w/Scale
Johnson 25hp Boat Motor, w/Title
LandPride 7' Box Blade
Calf Creep Feeder w/Gates
(8) Half IH Wheel Weights
Cattle Head Gate
JD Roll Bar off of JD 2750
JD Wheel Weights
JD Square Axle, WF for 2 Cylinder Tractor
300 Gallon Fuel Tank on Stand
2001 70-8 HD Bush Hog Blade, 3pt
LandPride Post Hole Digger, 10" Auger, 3pt
Bush Hog 2103 Post Hole Digger
Danuser Post Driver
MFWD Axle off of JD 6420 Tractor, Burnt
1500 Gallon Poly Water Tank
3.5hp Water Pump
JD 148 Loader
Wadler Squeeze Chute, Palp Cage
          and Wheel Set
Tractor Canopy
Koyker 595 Loader w/Bucket and Valve


Kilmer Farm Equipment & Area Consignment Auction

For more information, call:
Kilmer Farm Equipment, Daniel Kilmer 573-378-6615

Ask for Chas Wheeler at

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