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Gun Auction

Location: 701 E Main June Conley Building, Maysville, MO

East edge of Maysville on Highway 6

11:00 AM Saturday August 4th, 2018
Handguns -- Ammo -- Holsters -- Magazines -- 1911s -- Shotguns -- Rifles -- Muzzleloaders
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Doors Open at 10:00 A.M. At the June Conley Building


1. Ser No. KSP0460
Kimber 9MM Sapphire Pro, 1911, Stainless Steel Slide, Other Parts Bright Blue, 4" Barrel, 9 Rounds

2. Ser No. KU260424
Kimber Eclipse Ultra II, .45 ACP, 1911, Brush Polished, 3" Barrel

3. Ser No. KU136097
Kimber .45 ACP, Super Carry Ultra 1911, Corking Shoulder, Round Heel Frame, Night Sights, 3" Barrel

4. Ser No. KR199635
Kimber Eclipse Pro II .45 ACP, 1911, 4" Barrel, Night Sights, Camo Grips

5. Ser No. KSU3105
Kimber Sapphire Pro 9MM, 1911, 3" Barrel, Stainless Steel Slide, Other Parts Bright Blue, 9 Rounds

6. Ser No. KR173228
Kimber Super Carry Pro, Lightweight .45 ACP, 1911 4" Barrel, Brown Grips, Night Sights, Serrated Slide, Round Heel

7. Ser No. K453179
Kimber .45 ACP, 1911, Super Carry Custom, Lightweight, 5" Barrel, Brown Grips, Round Heel, Serrated Black Slide

8. Ser No. K36470
Kimber Tactical Entry II, .45ACP 1911, 6" Threaded Barrel, Camo Grips, Kimber Tactical Rail, Checkered Straps, 7 Rounds

9. Ser No. KU216598
Kimber Tactical Ultra II, .45 ACP 1911, 3" Barrel, Camo Grips, Beveled Mag Entry, Checkered Straps, 7 Rounds

10. Ser No. K400851
Kimber Eclipse Custom II, .45 ACP 1911, 5" Barrel, Polished Frame, Camo Grips, Checkered Straps, 7 Rounds

11. Ser No. 27A093854
Sig Sauer 380 Auto, P238, Inspired by the 1911, 2.75" Barrel, Brown Grips, Matte Black Frame, 6 Rounds

12. Ser No. 52A047703
Sig Sauer 9MM, Laser Sight, Night Sights, Two-Tone, Rubber Grips, P938, 3" Barrel, 7 Rounds

13. Ser No. 27A025077
Sig Sauer .380 P238 HD, Micro Compact, Laser Sight, Night Sights, Brown Grips, 2. 75" Barrel, 7 Rounds

14. Ser No. 52A074434
Sig Sauer 9MM .938 Equinox, Sig Light Night Sights, Nitron Stainless Steel Slide, Aluminum Frame, P938, 3" Barrel, 6 Rounds

15. Ser No. F325708
Sig Sauer Mosquito, .22 Longrifle, Night Sights, Tactical Rail, Desert Tan, Black Grips, 5" Threaded Barrel, 10 Rounds

16. Ser No. U753971
Sig Sauer Blackwater Special, Edition P226 9MM, Night Sights, 20 Rounds, Threaded 5" Barrel, Blackwater, Custom Wood Grips

17. Ser No. U848436
Sig Sauer P226 Elite 40 Cal., Smith & Wesson, Tactical Rail, Wood Grips, Stainless Steel, 15 Rounds, Front Cocking Serrations, Beavertail Frame

18. Ser No. T147264
Sig Sauer 1911-22, .22 LR, 6" Threaded Barrel, Desert Tan Frame, Natural Wood U.S. Grips, Night Sights, 15 Rounds

19. Ser No. BA00721
Bond Arms Snake Slayer, 45 Colt, 3" 410, 4.25" Barrel, Wood Grips, Stainless Steel, 2 Rounds Over/Under

20. Ser No. 229-42158
Ruger MK3Hunter, Mark Ill .22 Cal LR, Stainless Steel, 5.5" Barrel, Fiber Front Sight, Fluted Barrel, Adjustable Sights, 10 Rounds

21. Ser No. 386140911
FNH 5.7 x 28, Tactical Rail, Black Poly Frame, Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel, 4.75", 20 Rounds, Adjustable Sights

22. Ser No. BER663479
Beretta 9MM, Model 92FS Compact L, 4" Barrel, 15 Rounds, Serrated Rail, Metal Frame

23. Ser No. 390-74198
Ruger 22/45 LITE, 22LR, Ported, Threaded Barrel, Poly Main Frame, Adjustable Sights

24. Ser No. 371-59561
Ruger .380 LCP, 2.75" Barrel, 6 Rounds

25. Ser No. 363-68623
Ruger SR22, Tactical Rail, 10 Rounds, Threaded Barrel, Poly Frame, Single Action/Double Action, Adjustable Sights

26. Ser No. CKP90
Kei-Tec P32 Auto (.32), Ultra Compact, Army Green, 7 Rounds

27. Ser No. 224-023407
HK VP9 9MMx19, Tactical Rail, Black Reinforced, Polymer Frame, Night Sights, 4" Barrel, 15 Rounds

28. Ser No. F15993
Masterpiece Arms 9MM, Threaded Barrel 3.25", Old style MPA, Side Cocking, Semi-Auto Pistol

29. Ser No. 95-05728
Ruger New Bearcat .22 Cal, Shopkeeper, Beautiful Cylinder - Roll Stamped Bear & Cougar, 6 shot, 3" Barrel, Stainless Steel, Round Butt, Wood Grips, Bird's Eye, Sheriff's Model

30. Ser No. EJA3844
Coonan .357 MAG Auto, Brushed Stainless Steel, Smooth Walnut Grips, 5.5" Barrel w/Classic Compensator pkg., Fixed Sights

31. Ser No. CMA1382
Coonan .357 MAG Auto, Brushed Stainless Steel, Smooth Walnut Grips (Light), 5.5" Barrel, Adjustable Sights

32. Ser No. P131741
45 Colt Revolver (Colt), Walnut Grips, Case Hardened, 4.75" Barrel, 6 Shot

33. Ser No. XE187622
Taurus .357 Magnum, Stainless Steel 4" Barrel, 8 Shot, Fiber Front Sight, Ported Barrel, Single/Double Action, Rubber Grips

34. Ser No. CFL0713
Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, Model627-3, Performance Center Single/Double Action, Walnut Grips, 5.75" Stainless Steel Magnum, Ported Barrel, 8 Shot

35. Ser No. CYZ4210
Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum, Airlite PD, Model 329 PD, 4" Barrel, 6 Shot, Walnut Grips

36. Ser No. DG91003
Custom Built AR-15, .223 Tactical Pistol, Desert Tan/Black, 11" Barrel

37. Ser No. LMT41825
Lewis Machine & Tool Co. Defender 2000, 5.56 AR-15, Telescopic Adjustable Butt Stock, Tactical Rail, Flash Guard, 16" Barrel

38. Ser No. 590-40841
Ruger SR 556 (.223), Flash Guard, 16" Barrel, Adjustable Butt Stock

39. Ser No. 20G001940
Sig Sauer model SIG516, 5.56 Nato, Strobe Light, Laser Light, Vortex Strikefire Scope, Eo tech, Flash Guard

40. Ser No. AA01508
Franchi Spas 12-L Tactical Shotgun, Folding Butt Stock, Pistol Grip, Multi-Shot

41. Ser No. B0229219
Mossberg, 18 1/2 Cylinder Bore Barrel, Pistol Grip ---12 Gauge Pump, Flash Guard

42. Ser No. M732014
Benelli 12 Gauge-M3 Super90, Automatic Tactical Shotgun, Peep Sight, 2.75 x 3" Shells, 20" Barrel

43. Ser No. S6471145
Remington 300 WinMag Model 700 BDL, 23" Barrel, Seneca Green Stock, Laminated Wood Stock, Muzzle Break

44. Ser No. 0910581
Magnum Research Model MLR-1722, Cal. 17 Mach 2, 19" Fiber Coated Barrel, Simmons Scope 4x12, 50mm Objective, Pistol Grip, Laminated Stock, Muzzle Break

45. Ser No. E6698183
Remington Model 700 BDL .223 Bolt Action Rifle, Fiber Black/Grey Stock, 26" Varmit Barrel

46. Ser No. KM35555
Kimber Model 84M .308 Cal. Bolt Action Rifle, 21 .5" Barrel, Muzzle Break, No Floorplate, Mauser Action, Grey Fiberglass Stock

47. Ser No. KM33227
Kimber Model 84M .308 Cal. Bolt Action Rifle, 21 .5" Barrel, Muzzle break, No Floorplate, Mauser Action, Grey Fiberglass Stock, Leopold 3.5x10 scope, 40 mm Lens, Duplex Reticle

48. Ser No. 12955496
Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine, 18" Barrel, .22 LR Automatic, Wood Stock

49. Ser No. MS20-2255
Benelli 20 Gauge Shotgun DUCA Dl MONTEFELTRO, 25" Barrel, Nickel Finish Receiver, Engraved With Quail & Birddog, 2 ¾ and 3" Shells

50. Ser No. 505055
Beretta 12 Gauge Over & Under Shotgun, 687 Silver Pigeon IV, 26.5" Barrel, 2 ¾ x 3" Shells, Ducks & Pheasants Gold Engraved on Receiver

51. Ser No. 53606
Beretta 28 gauge Over & Under Shotgun, 686 ONYX, Walnut Stock - Glossy Finish, Selective Trigger, Polished Steel Receiver

52. Ser No. XA03831V
Benelli 28-Gauge Legacy, 25.5" Barrel, Ventilated Ribbed Barrel, Fiber Front Sight, Gold Trigger, Polished Metal Receiver

53. Ser No. VCW0366
BRAND NEW w/case, Thompson/Center Arms FX209x50 Magnum Muzzleloader, 3x9 Leupold x 40 Ultra Slam Scope, Camo Pistol Grip Stock, Flex Tech Stock

54. Ser No. VCX4975
BRAND NEW w/case, Thompson/Center Arms Triumph Bone Collector Muzzleloader, FX209x50 Magnum Muzzleloader, Bushnell 3x9 Scope


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