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Flaugher Public Auction

Location: 11209 E. 78th Terrace, Raytown, MO

9 AM Saturday June 2nd, 2018

Folks, this auction is chock full with a huge variety of great items.  This listing is just what we could see in a large garage shed filled (stuffed!!) from top to bottom & wall to wall. Includes a variety of Blacksmithing Tools & Equipment, lots of Hand Tools (incl. Keen Kutter, Winchester, Shapleigh), Shop Tools, Yard & Garden Tools.  We have no real idea of what goodies lie beneath it all.  So, please just come and see what treasures we uncover.  You’ll be glad you did!!!


 Blacksmithing Items include

  • Cone Anvil (32”)
  • 150 lb Anvil w/hardies, Vanium Steel on large stump w/ dozens & dozens of blacksmith& forge tools (tinner’s horn)
  • Johnson’s Portable Harness Shop fits in hardie hole
  • Swedge Block on stand, 13” x 20” x 4”
  • Portable Grindstone, chain driven, pedal (used in early years from house to house to sharpen tools.)
  • Post Vice, Cole Tool Co.  Chicago, drill weight
  • Lg. Wooden Blacksmith Mallet
  • Wheelwright’s Traveller, Lg. Compass
  • Small Forge
  • Clamp on Blower
  • Farrier’s Tools, Equip. & Boxes, Horseshoes
  • Horse Shoeing Stand, cast iron (Geo. Parr, Buffalo, NY 1852-1866 pat. date). Really neat!!


Other Items of Interest and Value: 

  • #2 Dinner Bell 2D, AF Shapleigh, Cast Iron, no yoke
  • Cast Iron Lard Kettles (2 50-gal, 30 gal., 20 gal. & others)
  • Load Binders
  • Railroad Switch Light (3 colored lens’)
  • Railroad Oil Cans, Cream Cans, Separator
  • Wall mount Tray-Shelves for Railroad Sleeper Cars
  • Army Shovels & Picks (1942-43)
  • Several Corn Grinders, clamp-ons (Blackhawk, Enterprise, Buckeye, etc.)
  • John Deere Corn Sheller floor model
  • 2 Large Grinding Wheels (Grindstones) out of Rope Factory (for mfg. massive ship Hauser ropes)
  • Several other large grindstones, 2 new Grindstones
  • 2 Pedal Grinders (1 KK)
  • Volo Pedal Sewing Machine (EC Simmons Keen Kutter)
  • KK Lawn Edger
  • Oxyacetylene Tank w/hoses & gauges
  • Cast Iron Clamp on board, Wood makers Tool Works Chicago
  • Lg. Lot of Deer Antlers
  • Continental HD Drill Press, 12 sp.
  • Garden Plows
  • Lg. Electric Grinder on HD Stand
  • 4 Ice Cream Parlor Chairs (heart back), Ice Cream Parlor Stool
  • Ice Tongs
  • Huge Bolt Cutters
  • Lg. Lot of Power Tools
  • Carpenter Tools, Tool Boxes
  • Numerous Vices
  • Ladders, Gas Cans,
  • 5 hp Snow Blower
  • Huge Stainless Cooking Pot
  • Planes, Levels, Axes, Hammers, Hatchets, Froes, Broad Axe
  • Scorps, Coopers Adzes, Axes, lot of new Axe handles.
  • Horse Hames w/ leather collar, other hames
  • Wood Trunks
  • Cast Iron Wash Boilers
  • Lot of Crosscut Saws,
  • Lead Pouring Pots
  • Sets of spoke shaves, wood scribes
  • Miter Box & Saw
  • Duracraft Wood Lathe, 12” swing
  • Lathe Tools
  • Lg. Lot of Good Dry Lumber
  • Cast Iron Shingle Cutter
  • HD Cast Iron Jack Stands
  • Wooden Railyard Freight Dolly (Thomas Keokuck)
  • Stege Red Metal Child’s Wagon
  • Table Saw
  • Log Chains
  • Chain Driven Grindstone in cast iron well, St. LCM stand (hooked up to line shaft)
  • 2 Cow Skulls
  • Craftsman Color Matic Arc Welder, 230 amp.
  • 36” Rigid Pipe Wrench
  • Pipe Sizer
  • Right Angle Drills
  • 2 Walnut Shellers (cast iron) 1-fit over knee, 1-is mortar/pestle style
  • Lube Can for gears, w/spout & cap (Mobil Oil Flying Horse)
  • Golf Caddie Bag w/clubs (on wheels)
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Cast Iron Mechanical Drill Blade Sharpener
  • Stanley, Shapleigh, Keen Kutter, Winchester Tools
  • Several Cast Iron Charcoal Grills (2- scalloped, w/Columbus Iron Works, Columbus, GA on bail)
  • Rope Making Machine
  • English Saddle Hanger
  • Buggy Steps
  • Enterprise HD Grinder w/ wheel
  • Large stainless shelving unit, 4 wide shelves (used in butcher shop)
  • Air Compressor, several electric motors
  • Motorized Corn Grinder (Montgomery Ward)
  • Cast Iron Implement Seats
  • Wall Drill Press
  • Shop Vac
  • Huge Sawmill Saw Blades
  • Big Cant Hook
  • Lots of Garage, Lawn & Garden, & Other Misc. Equipment
  • Lots of Long Tools
  • Welding Helmets
  • Weed Eaters
  • Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Galvanized Buckets, Scythes, Ice Saws



Gary Flaugher, Owner


Concessions& Restrooms available.   Cash or Check with photo ID.

No credit cards. Not responsible for accidents.

Auctioneers:  Bob Simmons (816-776-2936) & Gary Hunt (816-776-3780 & 816-217-1331)

Auction Zip ID:  Simmons #7237 & Hunt #9676

Flaugher Public Auction

or email Auctioneers: Bob & David Simmons at [email protected]
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