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Large Tool Auction

Location: 13137 N. Garner Rd., Richmond, MO

From Richmond take Hwy 13N. to 134th, go W. to Garner Rd, go S. to 3rd house on left. Signs posted on Hwy 13

9 am Saturday September 29th, 2018
Vintage Tools & Very Large Lot of STANLEY Planes, also KEEN KUTTER & WINCHESTER Planes & Other Tools, Griswold & Wagner Cast Iron Cookware, Give-Away Small Collectibles & Memorabilia & More
  • KEEN KUTTER Headqrts Banner Sign
  • Oak KEEN KUTTER Table Top Showcase (different), slant top, raised ‘backboard display area”
  • 2 Full Boxes of KEEN KUTTER Silverware
  • KEEN KUTTER Clamp-on Bench Grinder
  • Lot-Hand Axes
  • 2 KEEN KUTTER Brick Hammers
  • Pipe Wrenches, Monkey Wrenches
  • Several KEEN KUTTER Wooden Levels, Screwdrivers
  • Alligator Wrenches, Tri Squares, KEEN KUTTER Multi Tool
  • Pistol Pliers, KEEN KUTTER 7
  • KEEN KUTTER Bike Wrench-K94
  • KEEN KUTTER Pliers, Side Cutters, Linemans Pliers
  • EC Simmons Waffle Iron
  • KEEN KUTTER Meat Cleaver, 4 Food Choppers
  • KEEN KUTTER Dehorning Saw, Sheep Shears
  • KEEN KUTTER Want Book
  • 2 KEEN KUTTER Draw Knives, Wood Planes, Iron Planes
  • 4 KEEN KUTTER Single Bit Axes, 1 Dbl. Bit Axe
  • 4 KEEN KUTTER Padlocks, 1 KEEN KUTTER Oil Bottle, 1 KEEN KUTTER Safety Razors in box
  • 1 KEEN KUTTER Razor Hone
  • KEEN KUTTER Wooden Planes & Iron Planes, KEEN KUTTER Trans. Plane, KEEN KUTTER7, KEEN KUTTER#4
  • KEEN KUTTER 26 Trans. Jack Plane, KEEN KUTTER 26 (early)
  • KEEN KUTTER Planes: KEEN KUTTER15, KEEN KUTTER28, K103, K60, K102, KEEN KUTTER 8C Jointer, corrugated
  • KEEN KUTTER Round Point Shovel, KEEN KUTTER Tile Spade
  • WINCHESTER Iron Block Plane, #3206 (like a STANLEY 4 ½), corrugated, scarce
  • WINCHESTER Iron Block Plane, #3005, corrugated, scarce
  • WINCHESTER Low Angle Block Plane
  •  6” WINCHESTER Pipe Wrench
  • WINCHESTER 10” Pipe Wrench, #1002
  • WINCHESTER #3093 Block Plane
  • WINCHESTER Wooden Level, #9808-18”, paper label
  • WINCHESTER #110 Plane
  • WINCHESTER Plane like STANLEY #28
  • WINCHESTER  Plane, #304 smooth
  • WINCHESTER Plane, #3004
  • WINCHESTER Plane, #3041
  • Western XPert Wooden Ammo Box
  • Lg. Lot of Ford Wrenches
  • Lot of  John Deere Wrenches
  • Saw Vice, Lot of Hand Tools
  • Pipe Wrenches, Monkey Wrenches, Lg. Wrenches
  • Bull Lead, Fence Stretcher
  •  Bolt Cutter
  •  Lg. Lot of Interesting Hammers
  • Blacksmith Hammers
  • Cobbler Hammers
  • Wood Levels (STANLEY, TT Watts)
  • Lg. Lot of Braces
  • Several Breast Drills
  • Crate Tools & Hammers
  • Drawing & Lettering Tools
  • STANLEY Folding Rulers
  • 2 Lg. 25” Draw Knives, 1 Folding Draw Knife
  • Hand Saws
  • Set of 4 Metal Wheel Casters
  • STANLEY Router Planes, #71 & 71 ½
  • STANLEY #40 Scrub Plane
  • STANLEY #48 Tongue & Groove Plane
  • STANLEY #45
  • STANLEY #74 Floor Plane (no hndl)
  • STANLEY #11 Belt Makers Plane
  • STANLEY 12 ½ Veneer Scarper
  • STANLEY #78 Rabbett & Fillister Plane
  • STANLEY 39 7/8 Dado Plane
  • STANLEY #148
  • STANLEY #220 in box
  • STANLEY #67 Spoke Shave
  • LARGE LOT of STANLEY PLANES: General Listing: #604 Bedrock, #122, #22, #110, #23, #25, #28, #35, #135, #127, #132, #29, #9 ¼ side stamped, #113 Circular Plane, type 1, #113 Circular Plane, type 1, Bedrock #605, #5C, #31, #27 ½, #26, #130, #220, #60 ½, #16, #140, #24, #2, #29, #30, #32, #31, #34, #33, #5, #3, #36, #129, #4C, #18, #102, #15, #103, #27, #6, 3605C, #6C Foreplane, #7#27 ½, STANLEY 27 Liberty Bell and many, many more.
  • Fulton, STANLEY SB3 (Brasilian), STANLEY 8C (French), HSB Revonoc (like STANLEY 27), Sargent 5306, Eclipse, Shapleigh (like STANLEY#3)
  • 11 Trunks & Foot Lockers
  • Wooden Adv. Product Boxes (some w/paper labels): Takhoma Biscuits 5 cents (Sunshine); Variety Club Beverages, Sunsweet Tenderized Fruits, Kohinoor Sugar Corn, Libbys; PEP Brand w/ senorita, Pure Sealed Dairy, Blue Parrot Bartlett Pears (paper label), West Coast Bananas, Sterling Brewers, Gold Medal Farms, Drink “Whistle”, Squirt, Mission Orange, Monogram Brand Apricots, Bost’s Cakes * Bread (delivery man carrier), Angelo Corned Beef (Argentinan), Sager Lock Works, 7 UP (white), Hyland Kids Apples, Ira Wilson & Sons Dairy
  • GRISWOLD Cast Iron includes: Classic Ice Shave, Unusual Lid: Tucker Wayne Griswold Self Basting Skillet No. 9, raised letters, fully mrkd inside, Classic Lemon Squeezer, Erie, No. 5, Repro Griswold Skillet Rack, Griswold Gas Burner Stoves, No. 3 Lard Press, Victor 5 line #8, hr Gris. EPU, Waffle Irons, Tite Top Dutch Oven, 833, LL, KettlesScotch Bowls, Deep Patty Bowls, Chef Skillet, Gris. Toy Teakettle (heavy), ZORN Erie Lead Pot, 2 Griswold Alum. Tea Kettles, 2 sets of Gris. Sad Irons w/hndl.
  • WAGNER Includes:  Many Skillets,  Jr & Full Size Corn Stick Pans, Pie Logo Skillet, Deep Fat Fryer w/basket, Bacon & Egg Skillet, Ashtrays,  Oval Shallow Wagner 8 Pan, Bailed Rect. #8 Griddle, Other Griddles, Oval Sizzling Servers, #7 Straight Kettle, 5 qt. Dutch Oven,  Waffle Irons,  Chef Skillet, Shallow Skillet, Wagner/Griswold Skillets w/grill bottom,  Wapak Waffle Iron,  Wapak 8,  Wapak 3 hole hndl Shallow Skillet Speery, Vollrath 3, Crescent Foundry, Puritan, Ozark, Vollrath,  WIR, Assorted Mfg. Muffin Pans, Pyramid Sad Iron Heater w/2 irons, Long Life,  Assorted Stove Dampers, Sausage Stuffer, Tobacco Grinder, 2 Wagner Alum. Teakettles


Lot 1:  Mini Cap Pistols, Key Chains, “Silver Bullets”, Pewter Mini Animal Candle Holders, Magnifying Glass on Chain, other magnifiers, Sports Whistle, RCA Victor Metal Tag, Compass, Pocket Slide Rule, etc.

Lot 2:  Old Dominoes in Box, Domino Animal Cards, Book Banks, tubular coin bank etc.

Lot 3:  Adv. Playing Cards, Anheuser Busch, Dogs Playing Poker, others, etc.

Lot 4:  Katz Store Shopping Carry-All

Lot 5:  Opera Glasses in leather case (Occupied Japan)

Lot 6:  2 Girl Scout Rings, Key Chain, Medallion, Cub Scout clasp, Boy Scout pin

Lot 7: Gold Dust Scales, weights, other small scale weights & sets

Lot 8:  Gun and Pocket Knife Reference Books

Lot 9:  Assorted Advertising Mechanical Pencils, Bullet Pencils, Pen and Pencil Sets

Lot 10: Assorted Vintage Compacts, Cigarette Cases, Rouge, Mesh Purse, Pocket Watch Case, etc.

Lot 11:  Adv. Carpenter Pencils (unused), Scales, STANLEY Line Level, Handyman Level, Mini Plane (toy?)

Lot 12:  Small Wooden Jewelry Cabinet

Lot 13:  Coca Cola Memorabilia, Playing Cards, Wooden Rulers, Military Sewing Case, Sales Ticket Book

Lot 14:  Kansas City Royals Memorabilia

Lot 15: Collectible Book:  Ford at 50, An American Story w/orig. dust cover (about Ford Motor Car Company). This is a nifty book. Circa 1950.  Shows the full diagram of the Ford Assembly Line.

Lot 16:  2-Ornate Cast Iron Door Knockers, 1 Americana Door Knocker w/eagle

Lot 17:  Advertising Give Aways-Smalls: Clickers-Weatherbird Shoes, Smokey the Bear Jr. Forest Ranger Badge, Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistles, neat vintage Piccadilly Wooden Sewing Kit and more

Lot 18:  Phillips 66 Memorabilia: Map, Fobs, Mechanical Pencils, Badges, Lighter, Matches & more

Lot 19:  Beatles Cards,  unique, interesting Postcards, Stamped Envelopes, Padlock Reference Book, Reprint Montgomery Ward Catalog, 1894

Lot 20:  Frisco RR & other RR Memorabilia (Switch Key, Mechanical Pencils, Cards, Pocket Knife)

Lot 21:  Sports Teams Collectibles: NFL, Baseball

Lot 21A: Vintage Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Collectibles, Roy Rogers Figural Head Cup

Lot 22:  Sports Teams Collectibles: incl. Chiefs

Lot 23:  Buster Brown Dictionary (2), Pocket Dictionaries ( w/advertising Peters Weatherbird Shoe, Economy Boot Shop), mid century Railroad Magazine, The 1937 Clipper Diary, Daisy Handbook #2, 10 cents, Batman Big Little Book, Dick Tracy Little Golden-type book

Lot 24:  Gene Autry Comic, Lone Ranger & Gene Autry Books, circa 1950’s, Hopalong Cassidy Billfold

Lot 25:  St Louis Cardinals Memorabilia (100th Anniv. Book Calendar, unused), other collectibles

Lot 26:  Marvel Comics ( Elf Quest, Power Pack) from 50 cent to 75 cents)

Lot 27:  Marvel Comics ( the Hulk, X Men) 20 cents

Lot 28:  Marvel Comics: The Last Starfigher (Special Ed. $2.50 ) The Last Starfighter, 75 cent, 3rd in 3 Series

Lot 29:  DC Comics (10 cents-15 cents-20 cents) Superman, Creeper vs Justice League, Superman vs Batman

Lot 30:  Marvel Comics Group, 60 cents, The Hulk vs Superman, Kansas City Star Special Edition

Lot 31:  Marvel Comics Special Ed.  Star Wars #1 & #2

Lot 32:  Marvel G.I. Joe Comics

Lot 33:  Lot of Misc.  Metal Tickets to O Calcutta & World Series, Adv. Screwdrivers, Redi Kilowatt items, Whistles, Tape Measures, little Metal Bottle shaped Corkscrews

Lot 34:  Lg. Lot of Pins (collectible, souvenir tack type for hats, etc)

Lot 35:  Metal Folding Cup, Metal Travel items, Adv. Letter Openers ( Fuller Brush man, etc),  interesting odds ‘n ends

Lot 36:  Mickey Mouse & Disney items: watches, plastic windup walker; Carnival Cane/Walking Stick heads (dogs), Key Chains, Rolex spoons & watch fob (anchor)

Lot 37:  Lg. Lot Medallions, Special Adv. Coins, Fobs, Key Chain Fobs, etc.

Lot 38:  Lg. Lot of Lighters & advertising Lighters, some Zippos, Small Stick Match Box Covers/Boxes/Cases

Lot 39:  Lot of Misc. Pop/Beer Bottle Openers, Miniature Outboard Motor (plastic) Mercury Nitro, Bill Holders, Letter Openers, Brass Whistle

Lot 40:  Pez Containers (Bugs Bunny, etc.)

Lot 41:  Marlborough Items  Buckle, Key Chain etc)

Lot 42:  Snuggle Wristwatches ( new in the sleeves) –Choice

Lot 43:  Opera Glasses (ornate design)

Lot 44:  Hopalong Cassidy Wristwatch

Lot 45:  Lot of Watch Fobs (Souvenir, Adv.), 1893 World’s Fair, Beehive, Shrine, Keystone Watch Cases, Elvigon Stable (camel), etc.

Lot 46:  Lot of Medallions, Tokens & Special Coins: Captain Midnight, McCormick, Anniv. The Reaper, etc.

Lot 47:  Lot of Watches (Pocket, Wrist, etc.)

Lot 48:  ECS Keen Kutter Waffle Iron

Lot 49: Ribbons/Medals: SharpShooters, Police Officers, YMCA, CMAA Conv., Phillips 66

Lot 50:  2 Keen Kutter Axes

Owners: Thorsland, Paschen, Kettleson, Atkinson, Stockett



BOB & DAVE SIMMONS (816-776-2936)  GARY HUNT (816-776-3380)

Large Tool Auction

or email Auctioneers: Bob & David Simmons at [email protected]
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